The Controversial Tradition of Children’s Horse Racing in Mongolia

A tradition known as the Naadam Festival in Mongolia is controversial. The problem is, jockeys who ride on horses have many minors.

Naadam Festival is a Mongolian tradition that has been carried down for generations. In this festival, parents include their children in horse racing competitions.

This horse race has a route length of 24 km or about 15 miles. The jockeys will race over muddy fields with safety helmets and safety jackets.

Horse racing is an important event for nomadic Mongolians. This festival was just held last week.

Being a prestigious competition, there are 10,435 children who have participated in 394 horse racing competitions. Although considered important, this festivial is also controversial.

According to the data there have been 600 children who have been thrown from horses from previous races. The festival also claimed 2 lives which fell from horses and 169 were injured.

“Studies show that horse racing violates children’s right to survive, be educated and protected,” said Tsolmon Enkhbat, coordinator of the Save the Children program in Mongolia.

Because it has become part of the traditions of the people in Mongolia, this year the Naadam Festival committee through the Mongolian Authority for Family, Children, and Youth Development launches a new system. Competitors must register fingerprints to improve regulations and impose age restrictions.

Children who can participate in this competition are at least 7 years old. Previously there were no age restrictions, so even 5-year-old children were often included by the family.

“With increased public awareness on child safety issues, of course child protection is better,” said Enkhbaatar Altangerel, an official with authority.

The children’s watch group, Tsolmon of Save the Children, also suggested that horse racing activities should not be held in winter or spring, because extreme cold temperatures endanger children.

The Mongolian government continues to support this horse race but prohibits betting or gambling. Parents are also asked to supervise because they support the competition.


Horse Race Traditions in Bener Meriah, Aceh

Horse racing which has become a tradition in the Gayo Highlands (DTG), is one of the entertainment for people in the cold temperate regions.

This time the event was held in the framework of the 2020 GaMiFest activity which lasted for one week.

“This event, held for a week, starting from 27 to 2 January 2020,” said the Head of the Bener Meriah Tourism Office, Riswandika SSTP MAP to, Tuesday (7/1/2020).

He said, for participants we would write to the Regency / City Horse Sports Association (Pordasi) to send their contingents at the horse racing event this month.

The contingents we will write about, Riswandika said, include, Gayo Lues Regency, Central Aceh, and will increase from Southeast Aceh, and Aceh Besar District which we will also write to take part in this horse racing event.

“This horse racing, not in the context of the Bener Meriah Regency anniversary, but the opening of the GaMiFest in 2020,” said Riswandika.

Riswandika added, for this year, it is likely that there will be two horse racing events in Bener Meriah Regency which will take place in January and December 2020.

“God willing, if there are no obstacles and schedule changes, horse racing in Bener Meriah will be held twice this year,” said Riswandika.

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5 Facts About Luge, a Dangerous Sport that Risked Lives Similar to Bobsleigh

Luge is a sport that was contested at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics yesterday. Luge comes from French, which means sled. This sport is judged by the speed of the athlete’s skating time.

This sport looks easy because the athletes seem quiet. But in fact, Luge is the most dangerous sport, quoted from Here are five luge facts you should know.

1. Having twin sports, namely Bobsleigh and Skeleton

If there are non-identical twin sports terms, then Luge, Bobsleigh, and skeleton are the answer. All three sports have in common. That is both a winter sport and both glide on the ice track with a sled.

The difference is, Luge is the only sport that has been riding on the sled since the starting line. While on Bobsleigh and skeleton, athletes must take a swing by running before riding the sled.

Another difference can be seen in the composition of the athlete. Put, Bobsleigh is a team sport of more than two people, gliding on the same sled. While Luge only consists of individual numbers and pairs and skeletons consist of personal names.
Besides, the skeleton is the only sport that uses slides with their stomach support.

2. The tensest and dangerous sport Only people who have great guts can join this sport.

How not, the athletes will glide at a speed of 90 meters/hour in the 1,000 m ice track for men, and 750 m for women, quoted from Surely it will make the body feel thrown into the air.

This sport also has a high risk. Because athletes can be thrown off the track at any time, suffer severe injuries, causing death.

3. The body that does not move turns to control the speed of gliding

Luge sport relies on the earth’s gravitational force to be able to glide. So the resulting speed is also very high. The high speed and gravity make the body difficult to control.

Just a little body movement will make a significant impact. For this reason, luge athletes tend to stay still and straighten their bodies when skating.

4. The starting line and body weight are the primary keys in Luge

Luge is very challenging because athletes must create a perfect start. Athletes must push their bodies as hard as possible to be able to glide at maximum speed. Therefore, upper body strength is the main focus trained by athletes.

Weight, according to, is also an advantage for athletes to increase skating speed. For this reason, luge regulations require a minimum weight of male athletes of at least 90 kg and female athletes of at least 75 kg.

5. The most challenging sport to predict its victory

Luge became the most challenging sport to predict his victory. Because of the time difference between one athlete and another athlete is very thin. The difference is even just within seconds. For this reason, the luge time calculation system uses sophisticated technology that can count up to tiny units of seconds.

So, it’s proven that Luge is more complicated than it looks.

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Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo, Who Is The Best?

Lionel Messi officially became king of Ballon d ‘Or after winning the 2019 edition of the trophy on Tuesday (3/12/2019). He defeated Virgil van Dijk who came in second and Cristiano Ronaldo in third.

This became the sixth Ballon d’Or trophy for Lionel Messi. He beat Ronaldo who collected five trophies, but what is the statistical comparison of the Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo titles?

Lionel Messi performed brilliantly in 2019. To date, the 32-year-old has played 53 matches and scored 45 goals. Lionel Messi helped Barcelona win the La Liga season 2018/2019 ago.

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are both excellent scorers. Both have very good goal records. At club level, Messi has now scored 613 goals. All for Barcelona. Meanwhile, Ronaldo has scored 609 goals for Sporting CP, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Juventus.

However, for matters scored a hat trick or three goals in one match, while Lionel Messi is still losing to Ronaldo. Messi has just recorded 52 hat-tricks, while Ronaldo has had 55 hat-tricks.

Ronaldo is also still ahead of Messi on the international stage. The 34-year-old has scored 99 goals for Portugal national team. Ronaldo is trying to catch up to Ali Daei with 109 goals to become the world’s top scorer in international matches.

Meanwhile, Lionel Messi only scored 70 goals with the Argentine national team.

One thing that is unique, Lionel Messi also has not won a single title with Argentina. He only won the world title with Argentina U-20. Meanwhile, Ronaldo has already given two titles namely at Euro 2016 and the 2019 UEFA League League.

The names of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo will continue to be remembered. They compete in the same generation and are at a very extraordinary competitive level. Both continue to compete to be the best, individually and collectively.

However, the world soccer stage also has legendary names besides Messi and Ronaldo.

Before there was a comparison of Messi vs. Ronaldo, a heated debate over who was the best player in the world was between Pele and Diego Maradona. Both players have won what Ronaldo and Messi have yet to achieve, namely to win the World Cup.

In addition, there are also other top names such as Johan Cruyff, Alfredo Di Stefano and many others.

Cristiano Ronaldo received the award for Serie A best player in Milan after failing at the Ballon d’Or.


Cristiano Ronaldo, who is a Juventus Star player, was awarded as the best Serie A player in the Gran Gala del Calcio event held on Tuesday (3/12/2019) in Milan.

At almost the same time, the 2019 Ballon d’Or awards ceremony was held in Paris, France. Chritiano Ronaldo did not attend this event because he already knew that he was not the winner.

Ronaldo was chosen with Duvan Zapata (Atalanta) and Fabio Quagliarella (Sampdoria) as the best striker and crowned the best Serie A player.

Ronaldo’s words

When receiving an award on stage and given the opportunity to speak, Ronaldo said he was happy to be the best striker in Italy.

“I thank my team-mates, the players who chose me. After two years in Italy, I can say that this is a very difficult league,” he added.

“I thank all those who have chosen me and hope that next year will remain the same,” he said.


We await their achievements in 2020 …

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The 2019 MotoGP Final Standings After The Last Round At Valencia

Marc Marquez (Repsol Honda) is not deterred until the 2019 MotoGP ends. Marquez won the final series of the season, the 2019 Valencia MotoGP. An additional 25 points made Marquez set a new record.

Marquez recorded the most points in a season by collecting 420 points. The previous record was held by Marquez’s teammate, Jorge Lorenzo with a collection of 383 points. The record had actually been broken since the Malaysian MotoGP 2019 but the results of the race at the Ricardo Tormo Circuit made it clear Marquez’s maximum points this season.

With these points, it is certain that Marquez will remain in the first position in the 2019 MotoGP final standings. Meanwhile, Andrea Dovizioso (Mission Winnow Ducati) holds the second position with a collection of 269 points. Dovizioso could not add many points from MotoGP Valencia because he only finished in fourth position.

Then in third place is Maverick Vinales (Monster Energy Yamaha) with a collection of 211 points. Vinales who initially appeared inconsistent was able to rise in the second half of the season. In the last six races, Vinales won four wins. In the 2019 Valencia MotoGP, Vinales finished sixth behind Alex Rins (Suzuki Ecstar) and Dovizioso.

As mentioned earlier, Rins finished fifth in the 2019 Valencia MotoGP. An additional 11 points from the Ricardo Tormo Circuit made Rins carve his best achievement since rising to MotoGP in 2017 by ending the season in fourth position with 205 points.

Then complete the top five positions of the final standings there is the surprise maker, Fabio Quartararo (Petronas Yamaha SRT). Quartararo which is a debutant this season appeared so neat that he was finally able to seal fifth place thanks to his collection of 192 points. This achievement also made Quartararo win the 2019 Rookie of the Year title.


Jorge Lorenzo Leave MotoGP happily


Repsol Honda rider, Jorge Lorenzo claimed not to regret the decision to retire after the 2019 MotoGP mat.

The Spanish-born rider claimed to be happy with his decision. He said this when undergoing the last Valencia MotoGP series 2019 at the Ricardo Tormo Circuit on Sunday (10/17/2019).

“I’m really happy,” said Jorge Lorenzo as reported by Crash, Monday (10/18/2019).

Even though he did not regret the retirement decision, the racer nicknamed X-Fuera still appeared not to match expectations in Valencia MotoGP.

Jorge Lorenzo again failed to appear fast with a Honda RC213V motorbike. He was only able to finish 13th.

While his team-mates, who have secured the 2019 MotoGP world title, Marc Marquez looked stunning by winning the victory podium.

After finishing the race, there was no sad expression from Jorge Lorenzo. He had a chance to celebrate his trademark, namely plugging a flag with a picture of his personal logo.

“I feel a lot of happiness. I feel free. I leave this sport healthy, young, and with the possibility to enjoy a longer life,” concluded Jorge Lorenzo.

Jorge Lorenzo retired at the age of 32 years. Throughout his career, the former Ducati rider has won five world titles. Two in the 250 cc class and three in the MotoGP class.

Lorenzo retired because of the many injuries that have engulfed him in recent years. The worst, occurred in the first free practice session at MotoGP Assen on June 28, 2019 ago.

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The History of Great Britain Bobsleigh

Great Britain has a strong claim to be the founder of bobsleigh sport although it cannot claim to be the origin of bobsleigh.

The invention of Bobsleigh has been ascribed to a group of Englishmen on holiday in Switzerland in 1890. There are pictures from the early 1880s where there were boys at the Harrow School using a sled tied together sliding down a snowy slope.

In 1927 in New York the British Bobsleigh Association was formed as the body that regulates this sport in England. Subsequently in 1980 an Association was established to become the British Bobsleigh Association Ltd.

For the first time in 2002 the number of female bobsleighers increased their participation in competing in the Olympics. Female Bobsleighers who come from the UK reach the top 3 in the world repeatedly. At the 2005 world championships Nicola Minichiello and Jackie Davies surprisingly won silver and gold medals.

Great Britain Bobsleigh is pre-eminent amongst “non-ice” nations.

In 1890 a group of British men who were on holiday in Switzerland found Bobsleigh. At first they created a sled to go down a snow-covered road between Celerina and St. Moritz that could carry two or more people.

After that the new sport was in great demand so a special track was built complete with curved curves made of ice next to the road in 1902.

It has been part of the official programme since the First Olympic Winter Games in Chamonix, with the four-man and two-man events being added in 1932. Two-women Bobsleigh was a new event introduced in Salt Lake City 2002.

Bobsleigh has evolved over the years into a dramatically exciting and demanding sport.

The aerodynamic sleighs race down the 1,300m course at top speeds, the fastest recorded speed being 143 km / hr and has led to Bobsleigh being called the Formula One on ice.

The bobsleighs themselves are extremely expensive high technology machines made from steel, aluminium and composites. The bobsleigher of today is a highly trained athlete, and a good start at the beginning of the run (lauf) is vital.

The team pushes the sleigh and boards and the brakeman jumps in 50 to 60m from the start point. Speed is crucial at this first stage and many top track sprinters make the transition from Athletics to Bobsleigh. Once in the sleigh, the pilot is the only one who can see ahead and steers to avoid the walls. The other crew members keep their heads down, forming a compact surface with minimum drag. The brake is only used to stop the sleigh after passing the finish line.

Pilots are responsible for directing bobsleigh on the right track in the most efficient way possible. In this case the skills and experience of pilots play a very important role. While brakeman requires agility and strength in pushing the sled.

Bobsleigh is a team sport, so teamwork is a very important element in creating the perfect harmony needed to complete a successful run from start to finish.



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